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Jett Plasma Laser

What is Jett Plasma? 

Jett Plasma is used for skin tightening and non-surgical skin lifting. Unlike other plasma devices, the Jett Plasma Pen uses a direct current rather than an alternating current which means it is more versatile, can be used over larger areas, allows more precision, and requires less downtime.


What is it used for?

  • Non-surgical Eyelifts

  • Eye bags

  • Skin lifting and tightening of skin on the face and neck including brow lift.

  • Removal of creases/wrinkles around the mouth and eyes

  • Improves acne scarring

  • Reduces pigmentation spots

  • Improves loose skin and stretch marks

  • Rejuvenation of skin on the hands

  • Skin tag removal

  • Wart removal

  • Mole removal


The “Plasma” is targeted to the desired area and charged particles remove excess tissue, effectively tightening the skin and boosting collagen production. It offers a solution to many skin conditions that previously, only surgical procedures could achieve.

Does it hurt?


When plasma connects with the skin, you will feel a sensation of heat, most people say it is moderate pain and subsides once the procedure ends. 

A local anaesthetic is given, either via injection or numbing cream. The type of anaesthetic required will depend on the type of treatment you receive and will be discussed in the consultation.


What are the side effects?

Inflammation and redness is a common side effect and it usually lasts for 2-3 days. The eye area is more sensitive, so recovery for this area is usually longer (up to 10 days)

For wart/mole removal there will be scabs that should not be removed, and allowed to disappear of their own accord. This usually happens within 2-3 weeks.

Makeup should not be applied to the face for at least 24 hours post-procedure if receiving a facial treatment.


Mole, wart, and tag removals are usually a one-off procedure. Non-surgical eye lifts and skin rejuvenation usually take 1-2 treatments to achieve optimum results and differences will be seen immediately and will continue to develop over the months following the procedure. These results are expected to last up to 5 years.

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