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Jett Plasma

What is a Jett Plasma Facial? 

It is revolutionary treatment using advanced technology to tighten and lift your skin. The procedure is non invasive and does not include any cutting, injecting or burning etc. It is a relaxing facial benefiting the overall appearance of your skin, giving a glowing complexion and reducing fine lines.


How does it work? 

Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter; the others being solid, liquid and gas. Plasma has properties unlike those in other states and is an ionised gas composed of ions and electrons. The Jett Plasma hand piece is hovered over the skin creating a reaction in the tissues. The Plasma energy flow stimulates new collagen formation and elastin fibres. It improves sun damaged skin, reducing wrinkles and smoothing the skins surface.

Where can Jett Plasma be used?

Jett plasma can be used all over the body face and can be concentrated on areas heavily lined such as the eyes, "smokers lines" around the mouth and around the belly button. It can also be used for scarring, skin laxity hyper pigmentation and also for the removal of warts and moles. 


Are there side effects?

Jett Plasma Facial could leave the skin slightly red and feeling tighter

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